Indulge yourself by luxurious skin care!
  • Foaming shower scrubs
  • Body Cream-Souffle
  • Body butters for intensive care
Juicy and bright fruit, berry and floral aromas captivate even the hearts of the most discerning gourmets from the first time!
In our collection we have selected the beaty products for comprehensive complex skin and hair care.

You will feel the delicate and unique care of your beauty!

The unique development of our technologies -
solid balms for hair!

Complete hair care: choose a solid shampoo depending on the type and characteristics of your hair

Natural cosmetics
"Le Cafe de Beaute"-
healthy skin nutrition!

We made sure that our "dainties" are not only delicious, but also useful! The formulas, created by our company have been developed and tested for several years. Now you can enjoy natural and highly effective products.

Organic extracts and oils

and natural colorants and preservatives

Parabens and silicones free

SLS, SLES, parabens and silicones, EDTA free

Bright and juicy fruit, berry and floral aromas

Will give you sunny mood and unforgettable pleasure!

New products

Refreshing in-shower body moisturiser with a light bamboo aroma will take you in...
Toning in-shower body moisturizer with the intense smell of citrus will give you...
Relaxing in-shower body moisturiser with juicy tropical aroma will give you the ...


In the process of creating a rich collection of products "Le Cafe de Beaute" we were getting inspiration from France - the most romantic country in the world - which is famous for its elegant charm and refined style.

Being in Paris you will plunge into the atmosphere of French life and will be fascinated by its charm: narrow streets, the sweet aromas of flowers and unforgettable Parisian cafes, which are the real hallmark of France.  There at the cozy small tables was discovered a truly wealth of flavors: sweet and bitter, tart, delicate, weightless.  All of these scents inspire and remain at the heart as a part of the pleasant memories of the trip.